8-24-4 XST DIY Turf and Ornamental Fertilizer

X-START is a 100% complete starter fertilizer ideal for new seeding, overseeding, plugging or sodding applications as well as for lawns demonstrating deficiencies of available nutrients N-P-K.



This 45 lbs Bag Covers 15,000 sq ft.

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: Shipping is included in the price. Due to state laws we can no longer ship to the following states: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska). Also, we can not ship to PO Boxes

Typically delivered in 4-7 business days.

X-START is a 100% complete starter fertilizer ideal for new seeding, overseeding, plugging or sodding applications as well as for lawns demonstrating deficiencies of available nutrients N-P-K.

Recommended rates vary but in most applications, 3lbs/1000 sq ft is all you need to stimulate fast, healthy rooting of your new grow in. At that rate, each bag will cover 15,000 sq ft. When you order, full instructions on use for new seeding and sodding are sent along with order confirmation.

If you purchase XSTART for your new seed or sod project, you will not need any other fertilizer or bio-stimulants. XSTART provides everything you need in the bag to get your new grow off and running. No extra bio-stimulants needed, no fertilizers like Milorganite, nothing.

Just two applications of XSTART. First one on seed/sod day, Second one 14-21 days later. That’s it. (you do have to water though lol)

Important Note: some states and/or municipalities have restrictions on the use of phosphorus containing fertilizers. Some areas outright ban the use; others allow it when you are seeding, sodding or plugging and still others allow it if you have a soil test to justify the need. As the homeowner and applicator, it is your responsibility to know your local laws and ordinances.

From the manufacturer:

We’ve been in the lab, with a pen and a pad, performing research and surgery, and putting dreams in 45lb bags.

Our next release from our product line is a true starter fertilizer called XSTART.

XSTART features our proprietary homogenization process featuring ammonium sulfate, poultry litter, sulfate of potash, zinc, and biochar. We then blend this product 50/50 with monoammonium phosphate. MAP for years has been the go-to product for seed establishment in agriculture and turfgrass.

Because of the importance of protecting the phosphorous applied, we made a few changes to the formulation. Specifically, we removed iron. Iron and phosphorous do not play well together.
Iron reduces the plant availability of applied phosphorous.

Secondly, we also combined our zinc with fulvic acid to offer chelation as well as provide the observed biostimulant effects from fulvic acid specifically for new seed establishment. Because an aqueous solution of zinc sulfate has a pH of ~5, to maximize compatibility, we chose specifically fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid is soluble at any pH, where humic is only soluble in high pH. Fulvic acid also has the ability to keep zinc solubilized at pH’s up to 7.5. To help keep zinc in solution (plant available) for longer, we also included a small dose of ammonium sulfate to acidify the soil surface. Fulvic acid zinc chelation will offer similar benefits to EDTA zinc chelation while also providing a biostimulant effect on root production.

That’s a really complicated way to say we put a lot of thought into making sure the nutrients we supply are around long enough for the plant to utilize them. We pride ourselves on our nutrient delivery system and this product is purely an extension of our model.

Note: We included KELP in this product at 1% but can no longer label ascophyllum nodosum due to some states requiring an EPA registration number. We made the judgement call to pull it off the label until we can complete the required paperwork (~3 months).

Remember, not everywhere can you apply phosphorous. Please know your local laws.


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